Back in March of this year (2018), I decided I was done fighting for an aesthetic look that I thought I wanted.  I was working out hard, eating what felt like minimal food, all to have a smaller body…but that was it!  A smaller body.  My skin still jiggled, I still had my “mom pouch”, I still had cellulite showing, mentally I was battling daemons of disordered eating patterns I used in the past and I was not getting to where I thought I wanted to be.  In the gym I was slowly able to increase my weights, but I was spending too much time in the gym for minimal results.


That’s when I decided to compete in powerlifting.  This decision took some time to come to in the beginning as the work and commitment was not something to be taken lightly.  But I knew I wanted to compete in a sport.  And I love weight training.  Powerlifting gave me both of these and took the focus off how my body looked to what can my body do.  A change that was much needed.


Ladies and gentlemen, 6-months later I competed in my first powerlifting meet.  During that weekend I fell in love with powerlifting, hook…line…and sinker.  I was surrounded by strong men and women who were there to compete against their personal best.  Outside of being on the platform and warming up, they were cheering on their fellow competitors.  Competitors were respectful to the referees and each other; judges were there to make calls on the completion of the lifts and provide feedback to lifters as needed; the crowd was there to encourage all competitors on…It truly felt like A Community!


My physical ability, mental focus and confidence already increased drastically during the 6 months of training and preparation for my meet.  The day of the meet was the culmination of all my hard work and the cherry on top!


To give you some background of my recent fitness journey, in 2016 I competed in my first (and last) figure competition at a stage weight of 124lbs (as seen below).


**Supportive Husband, Brandon Fisher ❤️

Recovery from this show, physically, mentally and emotionally was super challenging.  I mentally knew I could not stay this weight, but having everyone tell me how “lean” I looked was addicting.  For years of my life, I have never been this “lean”.  But to stay this size I was constantly fighting with myself, fighting with food, and overtraining my body.  It took over 1 year to fully recuperate from my show and to get my body back in balance.

Fast forward to October 13th, 2018 , I stepped on a scale and was ecstatic that I made my weight class of 72kg, weighing in at 71.8kg (157.96lbs)!

**Meet coach and mentor, Tim Joyce 💪

My only concern regarding my weight throughout my prep was making my weight class, as I knew I was walking a very thin line.  But I made weight without a huge cut to food and/or water and without compromising my strength.  Once I weighed in, I didn’t give a second thought to what my weight was (the highest I have been in years).  And as I continued to compete that day, I didn’t give two toots of how I looked compared to other competitors…I felt strong!  This feeling was so empowering to me and left me craving more!


This is a feeling that I want all men and women to feel.  That moment when you are so in love with your body and mind, you actually feel at peace with who you are.  You don’t look at the “flaws” or the pieces of your body you are unhappy with.  You look at yourself as a person who has respect and love for who they are, both inside and out.  You appreciate what your body is able to do each and every day.


I didn’t know what this feeling was like until recently.  And now that I have found it, I am clinging to it as tight as I can because I will not go back to where I was.


I am looking forward to bringing you more information and stories about my journey in health and fitness.  If there are any questions or topics you would like to see additional posts about, please send me your thoughts via my “Contact” page.  I am also would like to highlight others’ stories, so please share!!!  Your journey, no matter how small or big, new or ongoing, can help inspire someone else.