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My Commitment To You

I am here to help you realize the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally.

I’ll give you the knowledge and skill to keep moving forward far beyond our time together.

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Strong Body

Through strength we prepare your body to meet your daily demands, as well as all other personal goals

Strong Mind

Strong Mind

Preparing the mind to meet the demands and how to overcome obstacles further supports your success


Strong Being

A strong developed body and mind provide a nurturing atmosphere for developing yourself into a strong and balanced person


Amanda Fisher

An experienced fitness enthusiast, I am a personal trainer for everyone who aspires to be healthy and active during each stage of life.  I believe that everyone has the ability to achieve their goals, they just need to be provided the right tools and support to reach them.  And along the way, your confidence builds as I promote a positive relationship with your body, your food and your surroundings.  This is my favorite part of your entire transformation!

An amateur raw powerlifter, I strive to treat my body with respect as I ask it to perform at high levels of demand in my own programming.  Training harder, and smarter, has allowed me to attain many goals that I have set for myself in this sport.

And I am just getting started!

Current Available Services

14-Day STarter Program

Are you interested in online personal training and want to sample what it would be like?  This is the program for you.  My 14-Day Starter Program gives you access to a personalized fitness program developed on your needs and goals.

Online Personal Training

Do you need help putting together a fitness program to help you meet your goals while working out on your own time?  Then online personal training is for you.  Multiple options are available to tailor the level of support you need based on your experience and comfort level.

G.R. Based Strength Training Class and Personal Training

Are you looking for an opportunity to further develop your technique and strength in a safe and open environment?  Personal Training Services and local classes will be held in Grand Rapids, MI weekly and are open to registered participants who wish you participate.



Preventative resistance/strength training for your bones, joints, and postural muscles to assist you in functional movements and daily injury prevention.

Fat Loss

Body recomposition to boost your metabolism and make your body fat burning machine.

Improve your Overall Mental health

Enhanced mood and reduced stress


Your ability to be strong, physically, mentally and emotionally, is enhanced

And more...

What Our Custumers say

Thanks to Amanda I have a better appreciation for my body. I am more confident in the gym and have developed better eating habits to help fuel my workouts.

Ashley L.

Not only has Amanda tailored my workouts to meet my specific needs/goals, she has instilled in me a confidence I've never had before and is always encouraging me to not only reach my goals, but go beyon

Tonya H


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**Disclaimer: Benefits and Results may vary | Benefits and Results are based on individual circumstances | Timeframes for benefits and results are not guaranteed | Consistency and respect for oneself is a must!

**Before starting an individualized fitness and/or nutrition program, you must consult with a medical/fitness professional.  Any concerns that are found during initial consultation and/or throughout training warrant a pause programming until further medical advice is received and clearance is approved.